Our Year in Pictures

Gail & Jim - Hybernia Restaurant - Prague
Gail & Jim at the Hybernia Restaurant in Prague.
This place is also known as "Needles" and looking at Gail's dinner (the skewer) you can understand why.
Of all the photos we took in Europe, this is my favorite.

Erin & Rich at wedding
Erin & Rich at a friend's wedding
Mike & Shannon at wedding
Mike and Shannon on their way to a friend's wedding
Going to see Wicked on Broadway
On their way to see Wicked on Broadway to celebrate their anniversary.
Going to a Jets game
Going out to see the Jets kick butt.
Durnstien, Austria
Standing on the balcony of the Melk Abbey overlooking the little town of Melk
Dürnstein, Austria
Dürnstein, Austria. This tiny town is located in the beautiful Wachau Valley.
Richard the Lionhearted was imprisoned in the castle here in 1193.

Mike at work
Mike by the reception desk at Appraisal Economics
Mike at Tri-Boro
Mike behind the wheel of one of Tri-Boro First Aid Squad's rigs.
Gail with coffee Melange
Believe it or not, Gail drank coffee on our trip up the Danube. Here she is with a cup of coffee Melange, a typical Viennese blend.
Gail drinking WINE !!!
This is probably the most shocking photo ever taken of Gail.
Yes folks, that IS a glass of red wine.
After 30 years of marriage she is still full of surprises.

Crusing buddies
This is a photo of us with our crusing buddies Martin & Bernice and Lois & Larry. This was the only evening we dressed up for dinner. Their company really made the trip special.
Dinner in Nuremberg
This photo was taken during dinner in Nuremberg.
Immediately after this was taken some kids walked by and one mooned us.
Somethings are universal.

Night view from our room in Budapest
The view from our room at the Intercontinental Hotel in Budapest can only be described as spectacular. This is only part of the view, the camera could not take it all in.
Room view in Budapest
This is the rest of the view (Buda Castle), looking a little to the left of the previous photo.
Gail goes shopping
While in Salzburg Gail found the perfect place to shop.
Gas in Austria
After converting dollars to Euros and gallons to liters we found that premium gas in Austria
costs only $8.91 per gallon. That explains all the thin people and bicycles.

Mozart's birthplace
After spending 6 months teaching myself German I was thrilled to see this sign at the Mozart Museum in Salzburg and realize I could read the whole thing. It says:
Mozart's birthhouse
Mozart Museum
In this house was
W A Mozart on
27 January 1756 born

Gail overlooking the Hungarian Parliament building
Gail on the Buda side of the Danube, overlooking the Hungarian Parliament building.
Erin & Rich at Disney
Erin and Rich during their trip to Disney World
Trimming tree
Trimming the tree.
Gail in Prague
Gail rubbing the dog on the bronze portion of the St John Nepomuk statue on the Charles Bridge in Prague. Legend has it if you pet the dog you will return to Prague. Both of us would go back to Prague if given the opportunity.
In front of the Astronomical Clock
Tourists being tourists in Prague. Without a photo of ourselves in front of the Astronomical Clock we really couldn't say we had been there. As you can see, I ate very well on this vacation.

Trimming the tree
December 13, 2008

Erin & Rich trimming tree
Erin & Rich
Jim & Gail trimming tree
Jim & Gail
Mike & Shannon trimming tree
Mike and Shannon

Our Pets

Klondike found us in January 2000 when she was about 5 months old. She walked out of a snow drift and into our lives. She's been with us ever since. Klon, as she is known, is the only one of our cats that likes to sleep under the covers.
All of the cats love to sleep in the kitchen bay window where they can keep an eye out for birds, deer and the occasional bear. Today is Klon's turn to have the fleece "donut" to sleep in.
Taffy came to us "temporarily" while we worked on her injured paw.
That was over 6 years ago.
In our house there is no such thing as an animal coming temporarily.

Taffy is the youngest of our 3 cats. She is always curious and always friendly.
Here she is asking if she can jump up into my lap as I'm working.
As you know, two heads are better than one.

Zach was a present from Gail to Gail on her birthday in 2002. He was about 4 at the time. He loves everyone. Zach is happiest when he is sleeping curled up on top of someone, preferably Gail but anyone will do in a pinch.
Zach likes to get up close and personal and that includes with the camera.
Buddy is a 9 week old mixed breed puppy that Erin got for Rich as a Christmas present. He is the cutest puppy there ever was and he loves to snuggle.
Taffy and Klon take turns sleeping in the "cat house", a padded cube that they can curl up in and get really comfortable. It also makes a great place to store your favorite toy so the others won't find it.

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