Thar's a bear in them thar woods !
Welcome to Jim & Gail's backyard
bear6 copy.jpg - 572500 Bytes
Hmmm, no wonder the gold finches love this stuff
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Squirrel proof yes, but BEAR proof that's something all together different.
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Who's the bozo with the camera?
And why is he taking pictures of ME?
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My left side is my best side.
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Outta seed? Well then I'm outta here. See you when you refill the feeder sucker.
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That's 3/4" black pipe folks and before our buddy got to it this pole stuck straight out of the tree stump. You do NOT want to arm wrestle this guy.
To be continued...

Photos taken at 9:00 AM on Saturday 9/6/2003 while I was having a cup of coffee on the deck and day dreaming about what I was going to get done today. I heard a crash and there, 25 feet away was this bruiser. Lucky for me he doesn't like Starbucks !!