Plasticville USA
Past & Present

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This was taken around 1960.

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Pop-Pop's kerosene lantern from the early days on the railroad
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Veteran's Memorial Park in downtown Plasticville.
The rock is from County Mayo, Ireland.
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Main Street - aerial view
ori_church.jpg - 70251 Bytes
Our Lady of the Forest chruch
ori_house.jpg - 71920 Bytes
Original house
ori_crossing.jpg - 62220 Bytes
Fence and crossing gate.
ms2.jpg - 70004 Bytes
Original station, Main St. sign and school.
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Foot bridge over the "crick"
erin_falls.jpg - 68491 Bytes
Erin Falls located in the Plasticville National Park. This flows into the "crick"
farm.jpg - 68353 Bytes
The engine pulling freight past the farm.
ori_station.jpg - 69799 Bytes
The original passenger station with a Lavelle in uniform.
stations.jpg - 81721 Bytes
Looking down the tracks past the passenger and freight stations.
tower.jpg - 72545 Bytes
Tower with Pop-Pop waiting for the 6:15
ori_school.jpg - 75514 Bytes
St. Catherine's School and Company # 4
coal_station.jpg - 73144 Bytes
Coal station, police department and water tower.
plasticville1.jpg - 70617 Bytes
Plasticville from a distance.
proc.jpg - 70683 Bytes
Proclamation naming Erin Mayor.
ms1.jpg - 75925 Bytes
School, firehouse and gas station.
Gas for 21 cents per gallon???
plasticville5.jpg - 68404 Bytes
Newer housing in "The Woods" section of Plasticville.
lantern2.jpg - 75951 Bytes
Pop-Pop's electric lantern.
This was a present from Unk.
hat.jpg - 70465 Bytes
Engineer's cap - you can't run the trains without wearing this.
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
Hope this brings back some Happy memories of Christmas Past


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